Active Learning Center

Engage students before, during, and after class

Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two courses are exactly alike. You use teaching strategies that best speak to your students’ learning strengths promoting engaged and active learning during class time, assessment, homework, and even lab work. Macmillan Learning has a suite of solutions to empower you to teach your way.

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Increase Student Confidence & End-of-Course Grades

Our Learning Science & Insights team’s research shows that when iClicker is used in a classroom, student engagement doubles, student confidence increases & students achieve higher final course grades.

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Keep Student Understanding at the Forefront with Real-Time In-Class Check-Ins

iClicker’s immediate feedback from polling questions lets the instructor know if students are getting it and provides a study guide for students to review after class for those that need more practice/review.

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Know Students Are Present

It’s proven that if students attend class, they perform better, stay in school longer, and retention metrics stay up or improve. In some cases, if retention numbers are not maintained, it results in loss of funding. While it’s important to make sure students are in class, manually taking attendance is a pain and you just don’t have time. With iClicker’s attendance feature you can set-it-and-forget-it.

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