Product Releases

Welcome to our hub for iClicker Product Releases! Here you’ll find information on our key releases to date. Check back for new information every semester. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.

For iClicker Cloud users, you can also find detailed release notes on the current version of iClicker Cloud here.

Fall 2020 Release

Break free with Assignments: Now you can engage students anytime, anywhere.

Students can work at their own pace with iClicker’s new asynchronous feature.

Assignments engage students with pre-authored questions that they work through at their own pace. Instructors can use assignments to gather feedback, promote participation, and provide lightweight student assessment. Assignments extend iClicker’s flexibility so instructors can use it in a variety of ways — while delivering courses online, in-person, at a scheduled class time or even asynchronously. Best of all, students can still feel like they are an active participant in their courses from various locales and on their own time.

What’s next?

More updates on Assignments coming soon!

  • Integration of Assignments grades into the iClicker Cloud gradebook
  • Addition of due times to due dates in Assignments settings
  • Addition of alt text to images for accessibility
  • In-app notifications for students
  • Addition of Assignments to student app Study Tools

Spring 2020 Release

iClicker Focus brings attention back to learning

Classroom Distractions Have Met Their Match

We know that many instructors would like the increased functionality that comes with a mobile student engagement app but have concerns about the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Enter iClicker Focus. With Focus, you can reduce distractions & multitasking; gain insight into engagement in your class; and promote student self-regulation behaviors. Now available for iClicker Cloud, instructors have the option to designate any course to run as a “Focused Class” via their course settings. During class, Focus reminds students to come back to their iClicker Reef app if they exit*. After class, both instructors and students receive reports on in-class engagement.

iClicker Roster & Grade Sync

Fresh off its private beta, meet our newest feature for LMS integration

The new iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade sync feature, available for Blackboard and Canvas, allows you to quickly and easily pull your LMS roster into iClicker Cloud and send your iClicker Cloud grades to your LMS gradebook.

Benefits & Functionality:

  • Quick & easy set-up
    No need for additional set-up or preparation from inside your LMS; Connect your LMS course from inside iClicker Cloud in just a few clicks.
  • Pull your LMS roster into your iClicker Cloud course
    Your LMS roster pre-populates your iClicker roster so your course is ready to go.
  • Get your students ready to use iClicker before classes start
    When you sync your roster, iClicker students with emails matching your LMS roster will get automatically added to your course.If a matching account is not found in the iClicker system, we make it easy for you to let students know what they need to do to update their existing account or create a new account.
  • No additional linking steps for students
    Students’ iClicker accounts are automatically linked to their LMS identity by matching their email addresses. Students do not need to take any additional action, like clicking a link inside their LMS, to associate their account.

Summer/Fall 2019 Release

Life keeps getting easier with iClicker

Exciting Summer/Fall 2019 Updates

  • Manage distractions & mitigate multitasking in your classroom with new feature options, tailored to your technology choices.
  • With the new iClicker Cloud 5.0 desktop software, all your in-class tools are in one place, which means more time for teaching.
  • Getting started has never been this easy. See the onboarding improvements we’re making for Fall.

Spring 2019 Release

iClicker Cloud 5.0: A modern and simple in-class experience

All Your Tools In One Place, More Time For Teaching

With iClicker Cloud 5.0, starting a class session and running activities using iClicker is now quicker, easier, and more intuitive. Engage your students using the desktop software for in-class activities, and sign in to the instructor website to access course data anytime, anywhere. In Cloud 5.0, polling, quizzing, and attendance are streamlined into one, simplified toolbar. The desktop software contains all the you need to see your attendees, view participation, and grade your questions during class. Additionally, tasks commonly completed outside of class, such as roster management and grading past sessions, are now exclusively available at the instructor website, and links to these features are available within the desktop software.

Summer 2018 Release

A Beautiful, Modern and Even Simpler Instructor Experience

Exciting Summer 2018 Updates

This summer, we’re simplifying the instructor experience even further with a host of updates and new features.

  • Enhanced Grade Sync
    Easy-to-use multi-column grade sync experience for more grading flexibility within your LMS.
  • Changes to the Instructor Website | Release 5.0
    Exciting changes to the iClicker Cloud instructor website that are currently available in preview mode.
  • All Activities… in One Session
    Launch polling, quizzing and attendance within a single iClicker class session.
  • Simple, Elegant Instructor Interface
    See what’s coming in January 2019, as iClicker gets a new look for instructors.

Spring 2018 Release

Spring Forward with Expanded Student Study Capabilities

And New Features for Instructors, Too

The March 2018 release of iClicker Cloud instructor software and iClicker Reef student mobile application delivers a more modern, updated user experience for instructors with expanded study tools for students, including new digital flashcards. With improved accessibility, new feedback features, and mobile presentation capabilities, this new release is as sweet as May flowers.

Winter 2017 Release

Ring in the New Year with Student Response Enhancements

Word Clouds, Exit Polling & More

This latest release of our iClicker Cloud instructor software includes new features to encourage even more active student participation in your classroom. Our student response enhancements include new question types, polling options, and outputs, and we’ve increased instructor flexiblity with tools like multi-column grade sync, roster management, web session inactivity extensions, best answer selection, and more. Additionally, this December 2017 release includes updates to improve our overall accessibility and comply with standards.