The Power of Collaborative Learning

iClicker, created by Macmillan Learning, is packed with research-backed features that support collaborative learning

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Enhance understanding and deepens knowledge retention
  • Improve communication skills
  • Foster a sense of community

How iClicker Supports Peer-to-Peer Learning

Collaboration through Group Work

Foster a collaborative learning environment by placing students in groups to complete assignments or discuss topics. Instructors can manage group work through the Groups feature, which will guide students to reach a consensus. This not only encourages collective problem-solving and collaboration but also promotes deeper understanding among students.


Polling can facilitate think-pair-share discussions in class by encouraging students to contemplate their responses, discuss them with classmates, and share their thoughts with the class. Instructors can run a poll and pair students with differing answers to discuss why they chose their answers. This can be a fun way to create a more interactive learning environment and encourage students to learn from their classmates’ perspectives.

A group of students engage in a lively discussion centered around their answers to a polling question.

Peer Learning from Polling Results

Run a poll, watch results populate in real time, and conduct open conversations about why students chose to answer the way they did. This exercise is particularly beneficial for questions that are open-ended or do not have a definitive answer. Students can debate and defend their ideas and thoughts, allowing exposure to differing viewpoints and the reasons behind them.

A student grins as he listens to a classmate explain why they answered the polling question the way they did. On top, screenshots show the multi-answer in class poll being answered, as well as the floating iClicker toolbar with a bar graph of class results.

A Catalyst for Peer Learning

Introducing active learning and collaboration doesn’t have to be a heavy lift to be effective – our research has shown that students become more engaged when they answer just three to five polling questions in class.

Download our free Educator’s Guide to learn about the research-backed benefits of collaborative learning and get tips on effectively integrating peer learning strategies in the classroom.

What Instructors Have to Say About iClicker

Rob Feissner, Biology instructor, SUNY at Geneseo

"Think-Pair-Share in combination with Clicker works great! Students explain their thinking to each other, come to a consensus, and respond to Clicker polls anonymously. I can see the dissonance when students have different explanations, and I can see a shared acknowledgment when the correct answer is explained."

—Rob Feissner, Biology instructor, SUNY at Geneseo

Michele Moscicki, University of Alberta

"[The best part is] seeing student reactions to opinion-based questions and then having the students discuss the question with their neighbors, voting again, and seeing how polling changed. Great way to spark discussion in the classroom regarding which arguments were successful in changing students' minds."

—Michele Moscicki, University of Alberta

Jeffrey Henriques, University of Wisconsin–Madison

"If you want to change a one-way lecture into a two-way dialogue, iClicker is the tool for you."

—Jeffrey Henriques, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Ken Malachowsky, Florence Darlington Tech College

"The clickers ensure all students participate, and thereby promote an interactive classroom."

—Ken Malachowsky, Florence Darlington Tech College

Jeffrey Henriques, University of Wisconsin - Madison

"iClicker is easy to use and fosters student engagement with the material. You can't be passive when a question is asked; you have to think about the question and respond."

—Jeffrey Henriques, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Erin Alanson, University of Cincinnati

"iClicker provides opportunities for engagement and it gives a voice to all students—most importantly, to the students who wouldn’t normally share."

—Erin Alanson, University of Cincinnati

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