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Assessments Just Got Easier, Better, Faster

with iClicker’s AI Question Creator

Craft novel questions in a snap to evaluate students’ understanding without worrying about them seeing questions beforehand. With iClicker’s real-time display capabilities you can engage students with tailor-made questions created and displayed in seconds, ensuring a fairer and more authentic in-class assessment experience.

  • Generate up to 50 original, dynamic questions in minutes
  • Deploy new questions aligned with your course goals in seconds 
  • Implement in-class active learning strategies that assess students’ true understanding during every meet-up

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iClicker for Instructors

Empower Student Success through Active Learning

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iClicker in Action: Examples of How Instructors Use iClicker

Dive into examples of how real instructors use iClicker’s features to enrich active learning and promote student understanding during class time.

Floating Toolbar

Floating Toolbar

Gauge student comprehension by asking questions on-the-fly using whatever materials you use to teach—such as images, web browsers, and videos—with no prep work required.

Group Collaboration

Group Collaboration

Tired of lecturing all class? Encourage collaborative discussions by assigning students into groups to discuss questions and reach a consensus. The best part is–iClicker does the assigning and facilitating for you!

In-class Quizzing

In-class Quizzing

Kickstart your class with a quiz that assesses students’ understanding of assigned readings or homework, all done at their own pace.



Make learning fun by turning polling questions into an interactive game, like Jeopardy (creative ways instructors can gamify iClicker). Or launch an exit poll at the end of class to gather feedback and identify areas where students may need more support.

Confidence Rating

Confidence Rating

When tackling challenging topics, ask students to anonymously rate their confidence in their answers. This helps ensure that every student is confident before moving forward, preventing anyone from falling behind.



Send reminders to students if they navigate away from the iClicker app during class. Review post-class reports to proactively address patterns.



Auto-run attendance throughout your class term to encourage accountability and regular class attendance–use geolocation for in-person classes or conduct online check-ins for remote students.

Real-time Insights

Real-time Insights

Run a poll and watch results populate in real-time. Gain immediate insights into students’ comprehension levels and address any misconceptions or areas of struggle on the spot.

Dive into examples of how real instructors use iClicker’s features to reinforce course concepts, drive knowledge retention, and gain a deeper understanding of student progress before and after class.

Pre/Post Class Assignments

Pre/Post Class Assignments

Prepare students for class by setting homework assignments, or assess their understanding with post-class assignment questions. Pre and post-class assignments can help you and your students identify learning gaps.

Post-class Exit Polls

Post-class Exit Polls

Give students a chance to reflect on the day’s lesson and collect their feedback in a post-class exit poll. It could be as simple as asking, “Did you enjoy the lesson?” to gain insight into what your students are thinking.

Insights and Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Use an instructor dashboard to analyze class and individual data, including attendance, participation, attentiveness, and performance. Easily spot areas of struggle and shift lesson plans based on class performance.

Study Tools

Study Tools

Say goodbye to manually uploading questions or creating study guides! Students can generate study materials like flashcards or practice tests from class polling questions, which are automatically available to them after class.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Set up auto-run for attendance at the start of the semester to run throughout your course term and gain insight on attendance trends. Review attendance after class to spot trends in absences and address it early on.

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Over 7,000 Instructors are Using iClicker to Engage 1.3 million+ Students

Here’s why iClicker is the most widely used student response system in higher education.


“Compared to another solution our institution made us use, iClicker is far better designed for me. It saved me considerable time and effort vs. the other solution in setup, use, and integration with my LMS gradebook. I can ask questions on the fly too. It just works best for how I teach!

—Intro Physics Course Coordinator & Instructor


“Based on the class evaluation provided by the students, they liked the iClicker polling and the feasibility of the attendance system.”

—Psychology Instructor, University of Hawaii

"I really love the real-time feedback about how well students are grasping material as I deliver it, especially in a class with hundreds of students."

—Kari Loomis, University of Massachusetts - Amherst


“It helps to engage students, it makes them more likely to attend class, it allows for anonymous responses, the different types of responses, and students pay attention more. The screengrab of questions helps students study for the tests. Student evaluations include several comments every semester about how much they like the clicker questions.”

—Jamie Spinney, Southern Utah University, Geography

“In eight years here and multiple campus-wide software launches, I have never had a software deploy so smoothly, faculty grasp usage so easily, or have whatever problems appear to be so easy to resolve.”

—Kathy Roberts, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Texas

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So, What Makes iClicker Special?

We know there are plenty of student response systems out there, but there are a few key strengths that set iClicker apart.

Simple Technology with Easy LMS Integration

iClicker’s user-friendly technology delivers a seamless experience for instructors and students. The floating toolbar feature provides instructors with the ability to create and ask questions on the fly, regardless of the teaching materials being used—no pre-uploading required! It’s compatible with popular learning management systems and offers multi-device support. Single sign-on (SSO) and LMS integration make it easier to sync student data, manage participation scores, and access analytics. In short, iClicker helps foster a cohesive learning environment while minimizing the need for prep work and entering data manually.

The iClicker floating toolbar for instructors reads: Poll, Quiz, Roster, Groups, and End

iClicker’s floating toolbar is easy-to-use, always available, and allows you to teach the way you want.

Designed for Active Learning, Not Just Polling

Research shows that engaging students in active learning is key to student success. iClicker promotes active learning by:

  1. Encouraging students to actively participate in the learning process by responding to questions, sharing their opinions, and reflecting on their understanding of the material.
  2. Providing instant feedback on student responses, allowing students to see their results and address misconceptions in real-time.
  3. Facilitating collaborative learning as students discuss questions and concepts with their classmates.
The iClicker floating toolbar for instructors shows a Group Question Multiple Choice poll selected. The toolbar overlays a student app screen of the aforementioned poll which reads Consensus Reached! and shows that 100% of group members selected answer A.

Designed Specifically for Education

The biggest difference between iClicker and other student response systems is that iClicker was designed specifically for education – created by instructors, for instructors. Influenced by the latest learning sciences and collaboration with real-world instructors, iClicker is constantly improving to fit the ways instructors teach and incorporate more active learning strategies. iClicker provides education-specific features, like scientific notation capabilities for STEM courses, that are not found within other student response systems.

A laptop displays the iClicker for instructors desktop dashboard, specifically statistics and information on a particular student.

Flexible and Adaptable to You

iClicker’s flexibility makes it an adaptable classroom response system that caters to a wide variety of disciplines, class sizes, and question types. Students can participate regardless of location with phones, laptops, tablets, or physical iClicker remotes.

A lineup of iClicker devices and hardware, from left to right: A phone displaying the Student App login screen; a smart phone using the student app to view Biology 101 performance statistics; a laptop showing a bar graph of poll performance; and the two iClicker remotes.

Unified Learning Experiences with Achieve

iClicker easily integrates with Macmillan Learning’s online platform, Achieve, and is included with most Achieve courses at no additional cost. The unified platform streamlines access to features reduces the need for multiple tools, fosters an engaging learning environment, and consolidates all relevant information. As a result, students and instructors can focus on learning rather than on navigating multiple systems.

Created with Accessibility and Security in Mind

iClicker ensures an accessible, inclusive learning experience for all students.

  • Meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards
  • Braille button labels and large buttons for visually impaired users
  • Vibrating remotes provide vote confirmation through haptic feedback
  • LED patterns on iClicker+ for colorblind and low vision students
  • Accessibility audits done independently by Tech for All (a third party auditor)
  • VPATs available at

Learn more about Macmillan Learning’s commitment to accessibility here, or contact us via email for any questions on our accessibility.

iClicker prioritizes security and privacy. We safeguard user data and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, including FERPA.

  • Educational records are stored on secured regional servers
  • Integrated security precautions throughout the development lifecycle
  • Data backups and geographical considerations for storage
  • Comprehensive escalation and Incident Response policy and process

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