Engage your students with learning and each other.

iClicker is a flexible, easy-to-use, student response system that paves the way for concepts to come to life and make learning fun.

How it works

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1. Ask Questions

Ask questions using your existing presentations.

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2. Get Responses

Students answer questions with a mobile device, laptop, or iClicker remote.

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3. See Results

Display results to your class in real-time. Grade and discuss responses.

Make learning formative and fun

iClicker’s flexible system allows your students to participate with many different types of devices. Whether you need better ways to conduct test prep, differentiate instruction, or address special needs, iClicker allows you to easily and instantly monitor concept mastery.

iClicker App and Remotes Photo K12

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Maximize your devices

Just plug it into any USB port and start polling. iClicker makes classroom engagement simple.

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Easy to use

Use iClicker for test prep, multiple choice testing, self-paced polling, on-the-fly questions, lab results, and more.

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Gauge learning

Check comprehension levels and troubleshoot areas of concern while assessing students formatively throughout the school year.

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Increase engagement

Encourage students to engage and become excited about learning! iClicker gives every student a voice.

"If you want to change a one-way lecture into a two-way dialogue, iClicker is the tool for you."

"If you want to change a one-way lecture into a two-way dialogue, iClicker is the tool for you."

"I am amazed by how effectively I am able to engage students in the mathematical practices of the Common Core by having them listen to and critique their classmates responses to an iClicker question in addition to defending their own answers. They are thinking critically and creating viable arguments."

– Elisabeth Jaffe, Baruch College Campus High School