Take learning beyond the classroom with iClicker

iClicker offers a diverse range of study tools and strategies for all learners to succeed.

Get feedback on student confidence and classroom preparedness with iClicker’s Confidence Rating and Assignments features. Make sure students are attending class with auto-run Attendance tracking and let students test their knowledge with Study Tools’ auto-generated quizzes or flashcards.

Prepare students for class and improve knowledge retention with Assignments

Assignments let students work on their own schedule and at their own pace with formative, lightweight assessments before and after class.

  • Gauge understanding of readings and homework.
  • Give students an opportunity to prepare questions for in-class time.
  • Fine-tune materials based on student input to make them more relevant.
  • Support asynchronous learning or “flip” your in-person class sessions.

Schedule a demo to see Assignments in action and receive guidance on how to set up your own Assignments.

Help students study smarter with customizable Study Tools

With iClicker Study Tools, students can easily repurpose class questions as study materials. Students can choose their preferred study method by bookmarking questions for review, generating flashcards for self-quizzing, or creating practice tests.

Give students the space to reflect on their comprehension levels

iClicker’s Confidence Rating feature help students reflect on their understanding of course topics and lets you know where your students need extra support. You can gain deeper insight into how individual students feel and adapt as needed.

Showing up matters. Improve student outcomes by helping them get to class

Set it and forget it. Eliminate the manual task of taking attendance and schedule Attendance to auto-run throughout your class term. Taking regular attendance provides accountability to help build self-efficacy skills in students.

Intervene early with real-time attendance analytics

iClicker’s attendance analytics provide real-time data on individual students, and at the course level. Attendance reports and alerts identify students whose lack of attendance may affect their course performance so you can easily identify trends and intervene early.

A laptop displays the iClicker for instructors desktop dashboard, specifically statistics and information on a particular student.

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“I love how I can fine-tune my lectures to increase the amount of understanding with any topic.” —Keegan Gold, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Research-Backed Design

  • Students wearing backpacks traverse campus on a sunny afternoon

    Driving early intervention to support student success
    Educator Study: The University of Memphis

  • The title of the research piece, How Student Attendance Can Improve Insitutional Outcomes, is displayed prominently

    How Student Attendance Can Improve Institutional Outcomes

  • The title of the research piece, More than Meets the Eye: Educational Research on the Connection Between Attendance and Student Outcomes, is displayed prominently

    More than Meets the Eye: Educational Research on the Connection Between Attendance and Student Outcomes

  • Preview of the infographic

    Educational Results with iClicker 2022

  • The title of the guide, Creating Connections Wherever Class Is, is displayed prominently

    Creating Connections Wherever “Class” Is

  • The title of the guide, Helping Students Study Smarter with iClicker, is displayed prominently

    Helping Students Study Smarter with iClicker
    Graphic Guide