Clear insights and powerful analytics

iClicker analytics are easy to understand and iClicker Cloud instructor gradebook provide real-time reporting into how your students and class are performing. Easily spot trends and intervene to keep students on track for success.

Analytics that…

  • Illustrate student performance and class participation
  • Provide an at-a-glance view of attendance data
  • Easily identify engagement trends and concerning patterns
  • Encourage students to reflect on their mastery of concepts and let you know where extra support may be needed with Confidence Rating.

Assignments analytics

Assignments allow you to:

  • Monitor students’ understanding of course concepts with pre-and-post-class Assignments.
  • Easily export Assignment scores from iClicker to your instructor gradebook and spot areas of concern.
  • Gather confidence and preparedness ratings to identify course issues

Polling and Quizzing analytics

Polling and Quizzing allow you to:

  • Identify areas where students may be struggling and provide additional support.
  • Track student performance and knowledge retention.
  • Identify question types that foster learning and meaningful engagement.
  • Exit polls allow students to reflect and give feedback on that day’s class, giving you insight into students’ perceptions of their own understanding.
  • Anonymous Mode creates a safe environment for students to provide honest answers to questions asked.

Attendance analytics

Attendance analytics enable you to:

  • Track the most reliable indicator of student engagement and success*
  • Identify students with concerning attendance patterns and intervene early
  • View attendance trends at a course level

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“Even though I’m teaching online this semester, I feel like I have a better pulse on my class as a whole.” —Erin Alanson, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Research-Backed Design

  • Three flags rise at the entrance to Merced College

    Using iClicker in an elementary Statistics class boosts final grades
    Educator Study: Merced College

  • Students congregate in the shade of palm trees between classes

    Combining participation and performance models to improve Microeconomics course outcomes
    Educator Study: Santa Monica College

  • A lively green tree grows into frame before the red facade of Samford Hall

    Increasing student engagement with iClicker in a small, Honors Logic course
    Educator Study: Auburn University

  • The sun sets on a rectangular campus of orange-hued brick

    Supporting student success in medium-sized General Physics classrooms
    Educator Study: UW-Eau Clair

  • Students enter a campus facility

    Supporting achievement in a large Introduction to Psychology classroom
    Educator Study: University of Central Florida

  • Bikes rest locked at the entrance of a rounded building made of glass and red pipework

    Supporting content retention in large Introductory Cell Biology classrooms
    Educator Study: University of Waterloo

  • The title of the research piece, More than Meets the Eye: Educational Research on the Connection Between Attendance and Student Outcomes, is displayed prominently

    More than Meets the Eye: Educational Research on the Connection Between Attendance and Student Outcomes