iClicker Instructor Base

When an instructor opts to have students use physical remotes, the iClicker base is required. The iClicker base is a true plug-and-play device, making it simple to use. Take a classroom poll by simply plugging the base into your computer, starting the software, and asking a question.

iClicker Base Device

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plug and play icon

Plug and Play

Just plug it into any USB port and start polling. iClicker makes classroom engagement simple.

long range reception icon

Long Range Reception

Participants using remotes from as far as 300 feet from the iClicker Base will have no trouble sending their votes.

instant feedback icon

Instant Feedback

The iClicker Base receives clicker votes in less than a second.

LCD display icon

LCD Display

The integrated LCD displays participant votes as they come in. Presenters have the ability to use the LCD to see how participants voted without outwardly displaying results to others.


Q: Do I need an iClicker base if my students are using mobile devices or laptops?

A: No. You do not need an iClicker base if all of your students are participating using mobile devices or laptops and you are not using the iClicker instructor remote.