Active Learning Simplified

Purposefully Designed for Education: iClicker Effortlessly Adapts to Your Teaching Style and Streamlines Classroom Engagement

  • Easily conduct knowledge checks
  • Ignite engaging discussions
  • Foster interactive peer learning
  • Ensure every voice is heard through guided group activities


NEW AI tool
to elevate in-class assessments

iClicker’s AI Question Creator swiftly generates unique, unsearchable questions for polls, quizzes, assignments and more. Tailored to your teaching style and course needs, these questions provides a more authentic assessment of students’ comprehension of the course content.

  • Create up to 50 original, dynamic questions in minutes
  • Deploy new questions instantly
  • Use active learning strategies to gauge students’ true understanding in real-time

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Group learning made easy

iClicker Groups* simplifies the group learning process by managing, assigning students into groups, and guiding them towards consensus during activities. Create an engaging, interactive environment where students thrive through collaboration, exchanging ideas, and developing problem-solving skills. With iClicker Groups, every student’s voice is heard and valued, fostering a sense of connection and equal participation in their learning journey.

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*In order to see and use the iClicker Groups feature, instructors must use version 5.4 or above software, and students need to update their mobile apps to the latest version or use the web.

The iClicker floating toolbar for instructors reads: Poll, Quiz, Roster, Groups, and End
The iClicker floating toolbar for instructors shows a Group Question Multiple Choice poll selected. The toolbar overlays a student app screen of the aforementioned poll which reads Consensus Reached! and shows that 100% of group members selected answer A.

Polling questions that help students make connections

Short Answer

Short answer

Students can enter a freeform response (word cloud, essay, multiple choice A-Z, matching, ranking)




Students can input numeric values (numeric questions, scientific notification)




Students can tap on a specific area of an image to answer a question (anatomy, graphs and charts, emotion scale, select on a map)


Exit poll

Exit poll

Students share feedback at the end of class, giving immediate insight into students’ perceptions of their own understanding.

Multiple choice

Multiple choice

Students make a simple selection from a list of options (multiple choice A-E, Y/N, T/F, survey, ice breaker)

Multiple answer

Multiple answer

Students can select multiple answers to a question (multiple choice A-E, survey, ice breaker)

All polling questions can be asked in anonymous mode, except for exit polls.

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Easy to manage in-class quizzing

Evaluate student understanding or encourage attendance with iClicker’s Quick Start or NEW Pre-Created Quizzes. Students can also self-pace quizzes within the iClicker app, easing common test anxieties.

Pre-Created Quizzes* new

  • Pre-set Answer Keys: Add answer keys and feedback ahead of time, streamlining the grading process.
  • Customize Questions: Variety is key! Choose multiple-choice or short-answer question types to keep quizzes engaging.
  • Randomized Order: Students can receive questions in different orders to mitigate cheating.

Quick Start Quizzes

This option is a great fit for classrooms leveraging iClicker remotes, or preferring traditional methods like paper quizzes or on-screen questions that can be answered through the iClicker app. This design is perfect for facilitating quizzes comprised solely of multiple-choice-only questions.

In order to see and use the Pre-Created Quizzing feature, instructors must use version 5.5 or above software, and students need to update their mobile apps to the latest version (minimum 6.6 iOS & Android).

iClicker Focus brings attention back to learning

iClicker keeps students present and engaged by reminding them to return to their iClicker student app if they exit during class. The Focus feature…

  • Reduces distractions and multitasking on mobile devices
  • Encourages self-regulation behavior among students
  • Provides analytics on classroom attentiveness to help prompt intervention, if needed
Two screenshots display views of iClicker Focus: First, a view of the Student App Focus Summary shows how long the user was focused on during class (5 minutes and 27 seconds). The second image shows an iClicker Focus report with details on: when class begins and ends; when and for how long the student is in and out of focus; total time in and out of focus; and total instances out of focus -- as well as class averages for easy comparison.

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“In my class of 80 I get 90% to show up for the synchronous lecture, driven by iClicker!” —Matt Evans, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Research-Backed Design

  • Three flags rise at the entrance to Merced College

    Using iClicker in an elementary Statistics class boosts final grades
    Educator Study: Merced College

  • Students congregate in the shade of palm trees between classes

    Combining participation and performance models to improve Microeconomics course outcomes
    Educator Study: Santa Monica College

  • A lively green tree grows into frame before the red facade of Samford Hall

    Increasing student engagement with iClicker in a small, Honors Logic course
    Educator Study: Auburn University

  • The sun sets on a rectangular campus of orange-hued brick

    Supporting student success in medium-sized General Physics classrooms
    Educator Study: UW-Eau Clair

  • Students enter a campus facility

    Supporting achievement in a large Introduction to Psychology classroom
    Educator Study: University of Central Florida

  • Bikes rest locked at the entrance of a rounded building made of glass and red pipework

    Supporting content retention in large Introductory Cell Biology classrooms
    Educator Study: University of Waterloo

  • Document length: 5 pages

    An Efficacy Study of iClicker: The Impact on Academic Performance
    Research Brief

  • Document length: 10 pages

    How iClicker Student App Implementation Decisions Relate to Student Outcomes
    Research Brief

  • Document length: 23 pages

    How iClicker Student App Implementation Decisions Relate to Student Outcomes
    Technical Report

  • Document length: 32 pages

    Reducing Distractions and Increasing Performance with Focus Mode
    Research Report

  • In this preview of the two page infographic, a dark navy page overlays a lighter gray one

    Educational Results with iClicker

  • A graphic preview of this multi-page infographic shows the first 3 of 5 tips for improving first year experience and college success course outcomes - take attendance, create consistency in scaling student engagement, and utilize a variety of question types

    5 Tips for Improving College Course Outcomes
    Graphic Guide

  • A graphic preview of this multi-page infographic shows 5 of 6 tips outlined for creating engaging active learning experiences online - take and track attendance, ask open questions, reset the clock with polling questions, use the socratic method, and create on-screen action

    6 Tips for Creating Engaging Active Learning Experiences Online
    Graphic Guide

  • The title of the guide, Playing to Learn: Hosting Online Games with iClicker, is displayed prominently

    Playing to Learn: Hosting Online Games with iClicker
    Graphic Guide