Earlier Insights for the Earliest Possible Interventions.

Surveys and student insights that support student success...even during COVID-19-related transition to remote learning.

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Assessing the Impact of COVID-19

Set up and deploy the brief, seven-minute surveys to gain insight into students’ experiences since leaving campus.

COVID-19 Campus Outcomes Survey: Administer this brief survey to gather insight from students on their overall experience in light of the quick pivot to remote learning. Topics include: satisfaction with academics and campus services; interactions with peers, faculty and staff; sense of belonging; overall perceptions of the institution; and plans to return. Use the insights to evaluate how the quick transition to remote learning impacted students’ experience.

COVID-19 Intervention Needs Survey: Utilize this brief survey to identify students who may be struggling in the online environment, as well as potential retention issues due to the move to remote learning. The survey focuses on topics of particular importance in an online environment: managing coursework, motivation, feelings of connectedness, as well as students’ plans to return.

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Insights Solution

Designed to supplement existing achievement and retention solutions, iClicker Insights provides immediate, to-the-minute insights on three key components proven to predict student persistence: Student Attendance, Student Engagement, and Student Satisfaction.

Any individual component of iClicker Insights – or combination of the three – can be adopted.



Easily scale attendance reporting across the institution using Geolocation



Identify gaps in student understanding and engagement in class

Student Attendance

Illustration of three iClicker attendance report screens displayed on various digital devices, and a directional arrow showing that they feed into Cirque's Attendance Reports

Class attendance is proven to be one of the earliest and most significant indicators of student retention. Using iClicker with Geolocation to scale attendance reporting across campus provides insights into potential patterns or anomalies in student attendance that may negatively impact students’ success in their courses or indicate the need for additional support.

Student Engagement

Illustration of three iClicker class engagement report screens displayed on various digital devices, and a directional arrow showing that they feed into Cirque's Engagement Reports

Tracking academic engagement provides a wealth of information at both the student and course levels, but interpreting this information in a succinct, actionable way can be overwhelming without the right tools. iClicker Insights makes strategic use of the data generated each day via iClicker to pinpoint when students may benefit from additional academic or skills-based support, and to provide deeper insight into engagement trends within courses or across departments.

Student Satisfaction

Illustration of three Cirque Student Retention Survey screens displayed on various digital devices, and a directional arrow showing that they feed into Cirque's Student Satisfaction Reports

Academic habits are important, but do not paint a complete picture of retention risk. Created by assessment experts, iClicker Insight’s research-based surveys assess students’ self-reported satisfaction on critical non-cognitive factors like homesickness and campus engagement, to provide crucial context for potential intervention.

Foundational Research

How Student Attendance Can Impact Institutional Outcomes

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Class Attendance in College: A Review of the Relationship of Class Attendance with Grades and Student Characteristics

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The Cost of Cutting Class: Attendance as a Predictor of Success

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Closing Achievement Gaps with a Utility-Value Intervention: Disentangling Race and Social Class

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Colleges love iClicker Insights. See Why.

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"We are able to move beyond simply recording attendance and think strategically about how we help students work through issues that affect their class attendance."

- R. Crews, University of Memphis

"Financial aid met with a student who identified financial concerns on the survey and was able to offer her additional grant funds, along with an emergency grant application covered her balance in full."

- University of Missouri

"The best thing that could happen from an administrative standpoint. It pulls data from all classes into one place. I can look at the attendance reports, click on the class, get information. That’s really awesome."

- H. Akoh, Atlanta Metro State College

"A residential hall coordinator met with a student who shared that at the time of the survey they were struggling to make connections with other students and find an organization that they could join. Since that time they have joined hall government and met more students. They reported that they are doing well now and are not concerned any longer."

- University of Missouri

"[iClicker Insights] makes it easy for faculty to support student attendance regardless of the class size. We are using it in classes of 20 and classes of 300 with equal success. We are able to emphasize student attendance from the first day of class.”

- C. Ormsbee, Oklahoma State University

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The powerful insights delivered by iClicker Insights can be used to improve student retention in a variety of courses, programs and departments. Below are some examples of how you may decide to implement iClicker Insights on your campus.

Photo of students listening diligently in a lecture-style environment. Text overlay says - First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar

Using iClicker Insights with First Year initiatives can provide powerful insight into the effectiveness of current curriculum, the developing attendance and academic habits of new students, and the acclimation and integration of your current class—giving users the flexibility to assess and adapt their seminars in real time and the data to support long-term plans.

Photo of a young black woman engaged in her class. Text overlay says - Gateway Courses

Gateway Courses

iClicker Insights makes it easy to monitor and maintain the health of key gateway courses by compiling trustworthy data on student engagement, the aquisition of foundational material, and course attendance rates—and alerting you when a course is at-risk for substantial drop, fail, and withdrawal rates, while there’s still time to act.

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iClicker Insights’ Student Attendance reporting provides to-the-minute updates on student attendance, and will alert you when a student’s attendance record may become an issue—well before eligibility is at risk. Built to pair with iClicker Attendance, faculty can use iClicker’s geolocation feature to easily set parameters for student check-ins to class and avoid any funny business.


iClicker Insights has been carefully constructed in conjunction with faculty, technologists, and student success administrators. Our partner institutions include:

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