iClicker makes classroom engagement easy

Create meaningful connections with a student engagement system that works for you. Whatever your teaching style, wherever your students are, iClicker supports learning and student success with research-backed learning strategies.

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iClicker is more than a polling platform. It’s a tool for student engagement that helps you guide and assess learning.

  • Use iClicker anywhere — on mobile, the web, or a physical iClicker remote.
  • Create questions on the fly or prepare polls ahead of time.
  • iClicker is there wherever you need it with a floating toolbar that works seamlessly with the programs you already use.
  • Perfect for face-to-face, remote, or hybrid classes.

Stay engaged to stay ahead

Research shows that active learning fosters student success. iClicker is designed to encourage class participation and seamlessly integrate active learning into any course.

  • Polling and Quizzing spark student participation and help you check for understanding.
  • Focus brings students’ attention back to learning if they navigate from the iClicker page or app. Focus reports are available at the end of each iClicker session.

Help students study smarter before, during, and after class

Help students come to class ready to learn with pre-class Assignments. Let students test their comprehension of course concepts using Study Tools’ practice tests and flashcards auto-generated from questions asked during class time.

“One feature that I’ve used this semester that I really, really enjoy is the Assignments feature. Assignments gives students the opportunity to engage with my lecture videos and gauge their understanding of the content before moving on to the next video or material in my asynchronous class.” —Kiandra Johnson, Spelman College

Track student performance and analytics

Real-time reporting provides clarity around student progress. Actionable analytics and iClicker’s Confidence Rating feature give insight into class performance and where students need more support or guidance.

1. Easy integration with your LMS; 2. Streamline attendance, performance analytics, and more; 3. Integrate with Macmillan's Achieve courseware; and 4. Flexible access with mobile, web, and physical iClicker devices

iClicker makes it easy to streamline your course

iClicker Cloud integrates with your LMS so you can streamline attendance, assignments, student polling results, and more. iClicker can also be integrated into other Macmillan Learning products for a full course solution.

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“iClicker provides opportunities for engagement and it gives a voice to all students – and most importantly, to the students who wouldn’t normally share.” —Erin Alanson, University of Cincinnati

Research-Backed Design

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    Educational Results with iClicker 2022

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    Your Course Your Way, with iClicker

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