More flexibility. Even more value.

Your purchase of a new, unregistered iClicker remote now includes five year access to the iClicker student mobile app, at no additional cost. To claim your five year mobile app subscription, register your remote for the first time within your iClicker account.

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More bang. Same bucks.

With iClicker’s remote and mobile app access, wherever (and however) learning happens, you’ll have exactly what you need in the palm of your hand – with more cash in your pocket. Here’s how iClicker delivers connected learning experiences for you:

Amplify your voice

With iClicker, you will always be able to share your insights and feedback with your fellow students and professor without embarrassment or nervousness.

Activate your learning

Whether class is held in-person or online, the iClicker remote and mobile app access ensures that you will have exactly what you need to participate in class discussions.

Achieve better outcomes

With extensive research on student learning improvements, you can feel confident in the powerful learning gains from consistent use of iClicker including more confidence, improved understanding of course content, and better grades.

Getting started with your iClicker remote and mobile app access

Registering your new iClicker remote and accessing your five year student app subscription is as easy as 1-2-3. Let’s get started!

Step 1

Locate your remote ID

iClicker+ remote IDs can be found behind the battery and on the sticker on the back of the remote. iClicker2 remote IDs can be found on the power on screen and on the sticker on the back of the remote.

Your remote ID is the 8-digit alphanumeric code on the back of your new iClicker remote.

Step 2

Create or access your free iClicker student account

Download the iClicker student app from your mobile app store, or log in to an existing iClicker student account using a web browser.

Step 3

Register your iClicker remote in your iClicker student profile

  1. Open the app menu and select Profile.
  2. Within your Profile, select Register Remotes and the + sign to add a new remote.
  3. Enter your remote ID and select Save.

That’s all! Qualifying new remotes will have subscription time automatically added to your account.

Find more information and receive help on redeeming your subscription access at our iClicker support center.