Break free with Assignments

Students can work at their own pace with iClicker’s new asynchronous feature

  • Deliver pre-authored, lightweight assessment for students to complete before, during, or after class
  • Teaching asynchronously? Promote participation and gather student feedback, no matter what ‘class’ looks like
  • Utilize flexible polling question types for students to work through on their own
  • Complement iClicker’s real-time engagement tools and take-anywhere study guides

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Simple ways to use Assignments & prompts to get you started

A helpful tool for asynchronous learning, Assignments engages students regardless of location or class format. Below, we provide a few common use cases for deploying Assignments before, during or after class. And pre-built prompts, developed by our Learning Science & Insights team to help students “self check” their metacognition, can be customized to help you get started quickly.

Gauge understanding of readings/homework

Give students an opportunity to pose questions for in-class time

Tune materials based on student input to make them more relevant

Pair with pre-recorded lectures or any other content

Assign “at your own pace” activities for self-guided learning

Guide team breakouts, lab work and group projects

Erin Alanson uses iClicker Assignments during asynchronous, recorded class sessions

“I value opportunities to weave reflection into my classes, but during an asynchronous class session this is much harder to do. Previously, I would ask students to pause the video and reflect on a question I posed, but had no idea whether they did it or what they thought. I love being able to review their responses and understand how my students are thinking about the questions posed. iClicker Assignments is very easy to use, and my students report that it makes asynchronous classes more engaging.”

Erin Alanson, Assistant Professor & Director of Multidisciplinary Curriculum Initiatives, University of Cincinnati

Watch a pre-recorded lecture to see how Erin uses Assignments >

Perform lightweight assessment on student experiences

Collect confidence/preparedness ratings to identify course issues

Assignments in action

See it from a student’s perspective

Instructors get the most flexible engagement option with Assignments. Students get tools designed to help them succeed. Preview the student experience below.

Students answer questions at their own pace
All question types are available, including target & short answer questions
After the assignment has closed, students can view their performance
Students get access to all questions to review while studying

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Kiandra Johnson, Spelman College

One feature that I’ve used this semester that I really, really enjoy is the Assignments feature. Assignments gives students the opportunity to engage with my lecture videos and gauge their understanding of the content before moving on to the next video or material in my asynchronous class.
— Kiandra Johnson, Senior Instructor of Mathematics, Spelman College

Solina Lindahl, Cal Poly

I made so many videos last semester, had questions peppered throughout, and tried really hard to make them engaging... and I still didn’t get the student engagement I needed. So I'm switching to use the Assignments for the asynchronous part of my course where students are mainly watching my videos. It's just really easy and flexible to use.
— Solina Lindahl, Lecturer, Economics, Cal Poly State University

Edna Ross, Louisville

iClicker Assignments are a great way to provide students with a way of making up missed iClicker class participation points. If students have to miss any of my face-to-face or synchronously-streamed class lectures, Assignments keeps them up-to-date with lecture coverage and helps prevent them from falling behind.
— Dr. Edna Ross, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Louisville

Matt Evans, UW-Eau Claire

I like to teach then test, test, test. So I'm taking every iClicker question that I ask in my regular live session class and duplicating those questions in a post-session Assignment. Students will see exactly the same questions as in class, but it will serve as a review to see if they can still answer those same questions. It's a great way to get them re-engaged in the material after they've seen it for the first time. Also, for students that miss class, it's a great way to ensure they don't miss the material.
— Matt Evans, Professor, Physics & Astronomy, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Erin Alanson, Cincinnati

iClicker provides opportunities for engagement and it gives a voice to all students – and most importantly, to the students who wouldn’t normally share. Even though I am teaching online this semester, I feel like I have a better pulse on my class as a whole.
— Erin Alanson, Assistant Professor & Director of Multidisciplinary Curriculum Initiatives, University of Cincinnati

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