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Showing up matters. Take a peek at the research on why attendance is important. 

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Get the skinny on how our attendance solution works. 

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Get Started with Free Attendance

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be tracking attendance in no time.

Step 1: Create your iClicker Cloud account

Step 2: Create your Attendance course

Create a course in iClicker Cloud and designate it as “Attendance-only”. 

Find detailed instructions here

Step 3: Customize your settings & preferences

Customize settings for your course: set your classroom’s geolocation (or run without geolocation!) and set Attendance to auto-run on class days.

Find detailed instructions here

Step 4: Get your students ready for class

Each student needs to create an iClicker student account then add your course to their account.

Students will need to download the iClicker student app in their App Store or Google Play. Or, when class starts, sign in at iClicker.com

Find detailed instructions for students here
Find first day of class resources here

Step 5: Start your class!

When you’re ready to start your class, simply click “Start Attendance” in your iClicker Cloud account, or, if you have Auto-Run set up, let the system start class for you!

When students open their iClicker student application or log in via their web browser, they’ll be prompted to join. And as a reminder, students can use the iClicker student app for Attendance-only courses for free, always!

Instructor View

Student View

You’re all set! If you want to take the next step and give polling and quizzing a spin (students get a 2 week free trial!), learn more.

The Research Is In.

See how student attendance can improve institutional outcomes.

Four research-based reasons attendance is critical to student success:

Attendance improves student performance.
Impact of attendance can vary by subpopulation.
Attendance provides insight into motivation and learning strategies.
Attendance matters to students.

How does it work?

See how iClicker Attendance can take the manual task of taking attendance off your plate.

  • iClicker's Attendance feature uses geolocation technology to detect whether your students are in class. Simply set your location in course settings then start class.
  • Don’t want to set a geolocation? No problem. iClicker Attendance can run with no location required.
  • Set it and forget it: you can schedule Attendance to auto-run during each class time.
  • Students can conveniently check in for free via their mobile phones or via their web browser.
  • After class, manage your roster & attendance data conveniently from your iClicker Cloud account. Students also get a record of their attendance in their iClicker student account.

Need help?

We’ve got you covered.

Instructor Resources

Create an iClicker Cloud Instructor Account

Video Article

Create a Course in iClicker Cloud

Video Article

Manage Attendance Settings in iClicker Cloud


Run Attendance with iClicker Cloud

Video Article

View and Manage Attendance Data in iClicker Cloud


First Day of Class Resources for iClicker Attendance


Student Resources

How to create an iClicker student account

Video Article

How to add an Instructor’s Course in the iClicker student app

Video Article

How to Check into Class


Attendance Geolocation Tips


You got students to class! Now engage them.

Improve student focus, identify misconceptions and give every student a voice in your classroom. Try out our polling and quizzing functionality with your students and see why thousands of instructors have chosen iClicker as their student engagement solution.

Simply create a new Polling, Quizzing & Attendance course in your iClicker account and have students join your course.

Students can take advantage of a 2 week trial for free
or purchase access to iClicker for as little as $14.99 per semester.

Mobile & Clickers

Give your students options.

Allow your students to participate using laptops, mobile devices, or iClicker remotes. The choice is up to you and your students.

Polling & Quizzing

Flexible tools for an active classroom.

Ask polling questions on the fly. Facilitate active learning activities. Complete quizzes with mobile devices or clickers and grade in minutes.

Study guides icon

Instant Study Guides

Help your students study.

Students leave class with every question you ask to be used as a study guide. You can also choose to provide students with the correct answers and control when students receive the study guide.

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LMS Integrations

Upload grades in a flash.

iClicker’s simple LMS integrations allow you to upload grades with the push of a button. Our student single sign-on ensures that all student data syncs flawlessly—even when students enter their names or IDs incorrectly.

Set Up In Minutes

Less time on setup.
More time on teaching.

iClicker solutions can be set up in under 5 minutes and work with your existing content. You never have to author or import questions within iClicker. Just create a course and get started.