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iClicker Events

The Simplest Way to Make Any Meeting or Gathering Interactive

Engage your audience with live polling that is fun, quick, and easy to set up – and the best part? Event attendees don’t need an account to join the excitement!

Create a free account to get started or reach out to your specialist to learn more.

Discover How iClicker Events Works for You

Whether for educational settings or work environments, iClicker Events is designed to optimize any event experience.

Site License Institutions Events

Designed to foster community and enhance event experiences, Events is a game-changer for Site License Institutions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect and grow together.

Work Events

Elevate your work events – from meetings to training and beyond with Events! Engage, learn, and connect in ways that transform work into an experience.

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Discover iClicker Beyond the Classroom

Engagement doesn’t stop at the classroom door. With the familiar features of iClicker, Events is designed to enhance campus-wide engagement, bringing interactivity and connection to every gathering within your institution.


Faculty Senate Meetings

Department Meetings

Student Org Meetings

And More!

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Foster Engaging Conversations at Events, Not One-Way Speeches

Transform each attendee into an active participant for a more impactful experience.

  • Energize Your Audience: Jumpstart the event with an engaging icebreaker to draw everyone in.
  • Harness Collective Wisdom: Encourage the submission of ideas and feedback, turning each attendee into a collaborator and making the event more dynamic.
  • Promote Active Engagement: Shift from passive listening to active participation, ensuring every participant feels integral to the event’s success.
  • Easily Export Data: Post-event response downloads make it easy to collect feedback and responses.

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Simplify Your Event Management

  • Fast Setup & User-Friendly: Enable easy participation and maximize engagement with no-account-required polling.
  • Live Polling with All Content Types: The “floating toolbar” enables real-time polling on any content type (websites, drawings, etc.), ensuring dynamic interaction without the hassle of pre-set questions, app switching, or unreliable plugins.
  • Versatile Polling Types for Every Audience: Tailor your interaction with a variety of polling question types to captivate and engage any audience size and event.

Get Started with iClicker Events

iClicker Events provides site license institutions with the opportunity to enhance campus-wide interactivity at no extra cost to students. For information on discounted site license rates for unlimited events, please contact your iClicker specialist.