iClicker Features & Functionality

The first student engagement system created by educators, for educators, iClicker makes active learning easy and accessible for every student, in every classroom.

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Polling with iClicker

Multiple Choice

The classic single-select polling format with max flexibility to run multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, or quick survey questions.

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Multiple Answer

Multiple Answer polls encourage students to evaluate the correctness of each possible response instead of simply hunting for one ‘best’ answer.

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Ideal for courses and concepts where visual understanding is critical, students answer image-based questions by clicking or tapping the correct location.

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Short Answer

Pose open-ended questions to illuminate students’ understanding. Display trends in student responses with a custom word cloud.

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Particularly ideal for math-based courses, students can respond with open-ended numeric values up to eight digits and can include scientific notation and exponents.

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Anonymous Mode

Ask sensitive questions that students might not feel comfortable answering if their response could be traced to their identity.

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Exit Polling

Instructors receive in-the-moment insight into student understanding. Students learn by reflecting on the class session and evaluating their own learning in real time.

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“Even though I’m teaching online this semester, I feel like I have a better pulse on my class as a whole.” —Erin Alanson, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

iClicker Assignments

Students work at their own pace with iClicker’s new asynchronous feature.

  • Deliver pre-authored, lightweight assessments for students to complete before, during, or after class sessions
  • Complement iClicker’s real-time quizzing functionality and take-anywhere study guides
  • Enhance your flipped learning experience using Assignments that students can complete on their own

“Assignments gives students the opportunity to engage with my lecture videos and gauge their understanding of the content before moving on to the next video or material in my asynchronous class.”

Kiandra Johnson
Senior Instructor of Mathematics, Spelman College

Quizzing made easy

iClicker’s built-in Quizzing feature allows students to respond to a set of multiple choice questions at their own pace in synchronous classes. Simply share your questions and start your quiz.

1. Share your quiz questions with students outside of iClicker (e.g., distribute a paper copy of the quiz or share all the quiz questions on your screen).

2. Start your quiz. Students can respond to questions at their own pace and in whatever order they like. When they are finished, students review and submit their work. Student responses are always recorded and saved as they go.

3. View results, mark correct answers, and provide additional comments and feedback, all from the same desktop application. iClicker’s gradebook integration eliminates the need to re-record scores.

4. Share results and feedback so students can review their answers, access the quiz feedback, and view graded results. You can always view, grade, and share Quizzing results after class on the instructor website.

Get students to class
with iClicker

Effective. Automated. Free.

  • Set it and forget it: you can schedule Attendance to auto-run during each class time
  • Students can conveniently check in for free via their mobile phones or via their web browser
  • After class, manage your roster & attendance data conveniently from your iClicker Cloud account. Students also get a record of their attendance in their iClicker account

“It helped me break the habit of just mindlessly checking my phone during class.” —Focus Student User

iClicker Focus brings attention back to learning

Get the most out of class time without sacrificing app-based functionality—it’s mobile without the monkey business.

  • Reduce distractions & multitasking
  • Gain insight into engagement in your class
  • Promote student self-regulation behaviors

Study Smarter with Built-in Study Tools

With iClicker’s nimble, customizable Study Tools, students get a copy of any question you ask in class. Students can bookmark questions and create flashcards or a practice test to study concepts covered in class.

Manage Questions for Review

Polling questions from prior class sessions make great review material. Students can select from all of their past polling questions across all courses to add them to their Study Tools. Removal is just as easy—deselect the bookmark icon to remove a question from review, or navigate to the Manage Questions tab to remove questions in bulk.


iClicker’s flashcards streamline the original self-quizzing experience, saving students time (and many, many notecards). The front side of each flashcard contains the polling question image and the back contains the correct answer. Conveniently managed and accessible via student iClicker accounts, students can use flashcards to review course content any time, anywhere.

Practice Tests

Students can also ultilize Practice Tests for a more immersive, self-paced test-taking experience. Students submit answers for each question and immediately find out if their answer was correct or incorrect. Upon completion, students receive a report of their performance and can choose to retake their practice test with all the questions or only the ones they missed.