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Success begins with showing up.

Scale attendance reporting across campus

Students check-in for free, and instructor accounts are complimentary. One-click, auto-run attendance scheduling allows instructors to “set it and forget it.” Tracking attendance campus-wide with iClicker couldn’t be easier.

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Track attendance campus-wide with free iClicker Attendance

Take note of actionable trends with Course & Student Attendance Reporting

Improve & prioritize outreach with the Attendance Intervention Survey

Instructors take attendance with iClicker.
You get the data analysis.

Reveal actionable attendance trends

Powered by iClicker user data, our analytics provide insight into student and course performance based on new and aggregate attendance trends.

Student Attendance Reporting

Student Attendance Reports provide insight into attendance patterns that may indicate students need additional support.

Course Attendance Reporting

Course Attendance Reports show course attendance trends and can even project attendance rates for courses based on research models.

No-nonsense tools to simplify & strengthen student outreach.

Coordinate effective, timely interventions

To-the-point and pointedly powerful, the essential Attendance Follow-up Survey identifies early barriers to student success and equips you for meaningful interventions based on student attendance information.

Attendance Follow-up Survey

Able to be deployed in minutes and with just two short questions for students, the Attendance Follow-up Survey helps you understand why students are missing class and whether additional support may be helpful.

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“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

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