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Improve student retention in minutes

“We now have data points earlier than ever before.”
—Dr. Jim Spain, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies, University of Missouri

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Use intervention surveys to identify and support at-risk students.

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Use outcomes surveys to understand student experiences and important metrics.

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Use strategic planning materials to start and implement now, not later.

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Select affordable survey options and flexible deployment cadences that support your retention initiatives

intervention surveys

When every moment matters: intervene in days, not weeks

Use intervention surveys to identify and connect with struggling students. Ask students about critical issues, find those needing support, and act quickly. These short surveys (~10 questions) are backed by decades of research. Set-up is only 5 clicks, so they can be launched in less than 10 minutes.


Topics include technological readiness, COVID-19 and health-related stress, housing plans, academic motivation

Student Success

Topics include sense of belonging, academic resilience, homesickness, online course experience


Topics include course struggles, academic confidence, financial means, overall satisfaction, intent to return

outcomes surveys

Data-informed decision-making

Use outcomes surveys to understand student experiences and important outcomes. These short surveys ensure you understand outcomes at strategic points in the year. Use the data to tell the story of your efforts and combine the insights with other assessments to describe longitudinal changes.

Term Outcomes

Institutional metrics on topics including intent to return, expected GPA, elements of satisfaction (campus services, COVID-19 response, etc.) social & academic integration


Metrics on topics including withdrawal reason, impact of COVID-19, future plans, re-enrollment assistance, overall satisfaction

Strategic Planning Support

Survey says: we’ve got your back

Use strategic planning materials to start and implement in days, not weeks. Recommended implementation timelines outline decision points and crucial activities. Survey guides include intervention mapping templates to help coordinate interventions among advocates across campus.

Intervention Mapping Templates

How to identify responses that require intervention, planning staffing and resources for delivery of intervention, timing of intervention and indications of intervention effectiveness

Best Practices for Deployment

Including survey timing, invitation delivery method, frequency, and incentives

Guided Strategy Decisions

Including who should recieve them, beneficial customizations to deployment plans, etc.

Expert Consultations

Meet with one our Student Success and Analytics & Research Team members for set up, training, support, guidance on strategic planning based on the school’s resources and desired outcomes, and more.

À la carte insights every step of the way

With short, powerful surveys that can be deployed—and answered by students—in minutes, implementation is a piece of cake. Our supplemental, à la carte approach makes it easy to find the best-fit survey, or surveys, for your unique retention needs. Guide your assessment with a variety of pre-set, customizable implementation models and deployment schedules (like the example featured here), or call on our experienced Retention Assessment Specialists for help concocting the perfect recipe to support your desired outcomes.

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feature focus: Deployment schedule using all available surveys*

survey type: intervention

Readiness Survey

Use the Readiness Survey to ask students about their intentions and readiness to start the term. Use the Readiness Survey results to identify high-risk students who may require additional support before their struggles emerge.

Topics surveyed include:

  • Technological readiness
  • COVID-19 and health related stress
  • Housing plans and concerns
  • Academic motivation

survey type: intervention

Student Success Survey

About 3 to 5 weeks into the term, use the Student Success Survey to ask students about critical academic and non-academic issues that could affect their success. Use the results to identify potential interventions and campus-wide concerns.

Topics surveyed include:

  • Sense of belonging
  • Academic resilience
  • Homesickness
  • Online course experience

survey type: outcomes

Non-Returner Survey

Use the Non-Returner Survey to follow-up with students who did not return to find out why, what they’re doing now, and what their future plans are. Use the results to improve current student satisfaction and future attrition rates.

Metrics on topics including:

  • Withdrawal reason
  • Impact of COVID-19
  • Future plans
  • Re-enrollment assistance
  • Overall satisfaction

survey type: intervention

Check-in Survey

Later in the term, use the Check-in Survey to ask students about critical issues related to course performance and the student experience. Use the Check-in Survey results to gauge academic progress and coordinate effective, timely interventions.

Topics surveyed include:

  • Course struggles
  • Academic confidence
  • Financial means
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Intent to return

survey type: outcomes

Term Outcomes Survey

Use the Term Outcomes Survey to find out about high-level outcomes, including sense of belonging, satisfaction, and intent to return. Use the results to plan and revise student success intiatives for the upcoming term.

Institutional metrics on topics including:

  • Intent to return
  • Expected GPA
  • Elements of satisfaction (campus services, COVID-19 response, etc.)
  • Social and academic integration

*This example illustrates a pre-set deployment schedule utilizing all possible surveys across various student populations, and is only one of the various survey combinations and implementation models available. Schedule a consultation for more information on how to choose, deploy, and maintain the retention survey solution that works best for you.

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