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Earlier insights enable earlier interventions

Clear, early, and actionable insights on key retention indicators. Timely analytics and alerts identify students who need additional support.

  • Understand key retention trends across the entire institution
  • Access analytics that guide actionable interventions
  • View attendance and engagement trends by discipline and course
  • Share data with other campus systems
  • Get started in minutes

Understand classroom engagement trends

Plan targeted interventions based on student needs

View iClicker usage across the institution

Insights you can act on

iClicker Insights robust, yet easy-to-use analytics dashboard is administrators’ first stop for actionable insights with:

  • At-a-glance view of retention trends
  • Student attendance & engagement issues brought front and center
  • Simple, two-click access to all key reports
  • One button report exporting for upload into other campus systems
  • Quick and easy outreach to students selected for additional intervention

Attendance analytics

Attendance enables administrators to:

  • Track the earliest, most reliable indicator of student engagement and success
  • Follow-up to determine causes for student attendance trends of concern
  • Understand attendance trends at the course level
  • Anticipate future course attendance trends

Engagement analytics

Engagement Analytics enable administrators to:

  • See active learning trends across the institution by discipline and course
  • Identify students who may be disengaged in classroom learning activities and require additional support

Retention analytics

Retention Survey Analytics enable administrators to:

  • View students who may be at risk of not returning and intervene to provide additional support
  • Identify most commonly reported retention issues to guide intervention support planning
  • Analyze trends in key retention factors both by student and by survey groups for easy reporting to internal stakeholders
  • Use to guide intervention meetings with student

iClicker Usage reports

Administrators and staff can:

  • Access iClicker usage data at student, course, and instructor levels
  • View iClicker course creation trends over select time periods
  • Identify courses and instructors that may need additional support to implement active learning practices using iClicker

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