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Expand engagement with elegance and ease

With iClicker it’s easier done than said. The gold standard for simplicity and scalability, iClicker has been fostering connections between students, instructors, and their course content for more than fifteen years—because academic engagement is too important to be left to chance.

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Diverse question types engage students online and in-person

Deploy questions asynchronously for added flexibility for students

Questions that create connections

iClicker’s unparalleled simplicity creates engaging learning environments that give every student a voice. No need to pre-load questions—iClicker captures whatever is on the instructor’s screen.


Ideal for courses and concepts where visual understanding is critical, students can answer image-based questions by clicking or tapping the correct location on the image.

Short Answer

Pose open-ended questions to illuminate students’ understanding. Display trends in student responses with a custom word cloud.


Particularly ideal for math-based courses, students can respond with open-ended numeric values up to eight digits and can include scientific notation and exponents.

Multiple Choice

Pro-tip: Set the available answers on any multiple choice question to A/B for an easy, flexible either/or question format.

Identify, then clarify students’ muddiest points

iClicker’s exit polls provide instructors with in-the-moment insight into student understanding. Students learn by reflecting on the class session and evaluating their own learning in real time.

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Get feedback while it’s still fresh in their minds

Learning research suggests that awareness of learning enhances it. iClicker’s exit polling feature is a simple, but effective cognitive tool to support deeper learning by automating student reflection on their understanding of the concepts covered in that day’s class. As the instructor, you get immediate insight into students’ perceptions of their own understanding and can clarify or provide additional resources where necessary based on their feedback.

Insight like this can be especially useful for remote learning where it can be difficult to gauge students’ understanding and engagement. Click here for more tips on Exit Polling and other ways to engage students in online or hybrid classes.

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Create safe spaces

With a simple toggle, teachers can help break down barriers to communication and connection while addressing sensitive topics. iClicker’s Anonymous Mode makes space for students to feel comfortable sharing with their peers and teachers—and that’s not easy. We just make it look like it is.

Safely spark constructive, lively discussions

iClicker offers the option of deploying questions in ‘Anonymous Mode’ which allows students to answer posed questions without identifying information being captured. Polling in anonymous mode can be used to:

  • Capture feedback on sensitive topics pertinent to content in the class
  • Prompt discussion on class sentiments about topics that may be more personal in nature, without revealing individual students’ feelings
  • Administer course or teacher mini-review check-ins periodically, rather than at the end of the term

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Transform your virtual classroom

Even when not face-to-face, iClicker can be used to transform your virtual classroom into an active one. iClicker makes it easy to engage students in your class because it:

  • Works seamlessly with any web-conferencing platform

  • Sets up in minutes – No need to upload questions or import slides

  • Provides all students with a voice while distance learning

Your instructors can join the thousands of others who’ve used iClicker to engage students in their online classes.

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Assignments NEW

Students can work at their own pace with iClicker’s new asynchronous feature.

  • Deliver pre-authored, lightweight assessments for students to complete before, during, or after class sessions
  • Complement iClicker’s real-time quizzing functionality and take-anywhere study guides
  • Enhance your flipped learning experience using Assignments students can complete on their own

Learn more about using Assignments in class:

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