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Case Study: University of Missouri

Recently, the University of Missouri set a priority goal to increase the retention rate of new students to 93% by 2023. To meet that goal, a variety of initiatives and outreach processes were established. Looking for ways to provide high-touch care in reaching more students, the University of Missouri joined Macmillan Learning as an early partner on the iClicker Insights project and utilized the iClicker Insights retention surveys to enhance their existing student success initiatives.

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Case study results at-a-glance:

iClicker Insights empowers proactive outreach to at-risk students early in the semester

iClicker Insights reveals issues that typically go unnoticed in existing red-flag systems

iClicker Insights connects faculty and staff to create sustainable, campus-wide support systems

Interventions based on iClicker Insights survey results increase student retention

How iClicker Insights supports student success at a mid-sized 4-year university

Case Study: The University of Memphis

The University of Memphis is a public four-year research university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. The institution serves over 22,000 students with one main campus in Memphis, Tennessee. Two administrators from the Student Academic Success department and seven instructors from various academic departments chose to participate in this study.

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Case study results at-a-glance:

iClicker Insights makes it easier to identify and monitor students in need of support

iClicker Insights improves communication with both instructors and students

iClicker Insights is easy to use and meets the needs of administrators

iClicker Insights saves time

How they used the data

Survey Brief: University of Tennessee at Martin

In the midst of COVID-19, the University of Tennessee at Martin used data from the iClicker Insights COVID-19 Intervention Needs Survey to identify and intervene with students who were a retention risk. The short survey made administration and intervention simple.

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Brief contents at-a-glance:

How the data was used to intervene with students

How intervention and outreach was delegated between shareholders

Student perceptions of and satisfaction with the survey

Survey outcomes and the results of outreach

Revitalizing student success efforts with iClicker Insights

Case Study: Rochester University

Rochester University, an open enrollment liberal arts institution, serves a unique student population. In the Spring 2022 semester, 52% of students are traditional daytime students, 23% are dual-enrolled or in the early college program, 22% are accelerated evening and online students, and 3% are graduate or professional development students. This diversity of access points, although convenient for students, creates challenges for supporting persistence, retention, and degree completion. One of the key initiatives in Rochester’s strategic plan is to enrich the student experience and increase retention.

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Key findings at-a-glance:

Struggling in at least one course is an indicator of risk

The second highest risk for attrition is a neutral or low sense of belonging

Students who did not respond to the surveys are at a higher risk of attrition

Students who felt a higher sense of belonging or said they attended all of their classes retained far above the 2020 average


Feedback from Strategic Partners helped inform the development of iClicker Insights. An iClicker site licenses enables institutions to deliver iClicker attendance, polling, and student retention assessments at a significant cost savings to students and the institution.

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